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The world’s most sophisticated video discovery platform.

Our award winning and proven technology will make you pioneer VOD services. Vionlabs utilises computer vision and machine learning to generate, never before seen sentiment-data, with simple integration. Based on this, Vionlabs' recommendation engine creates a unique and extremely accurate personal viewer experience. Using Vionlabs' deep learning technology, your audience will be served the true underlying emotions directors convey through images and sound. Welcome to the world of true content discovery!

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Vionlabs provides a game-changing and sustainable difference

Our Mission

By truly understanding the key elements of content, we provide our services with one mission, enhancing user experience thereby increasing engagement. We deliver on our promise and you will notice the difference. Based on our proven technology and the concept of true personalization powered by emotions, we offer the most comprehensive and efficient content discovery solution in the industry.

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Vionlabs discovery serves a range of use cases. Eliminate the dead ends in your service by providing recommendations of similar movies that are truly similar in the DNA at the end-credit of a movie or in a simple search. Make your service dynamic, adapting to every household as each family member pick up their favourite device watching their favourite content.


The industry thirsts for useful meta data to make services more attractive. Our platform enables a completely new approach to this issue, soon to be uncovered.

About Us


Vionlabs was founded by people with background in special effects and tech with one mission, to improve user experience for all TV and movie lovers out there. Content investments are at all time high, and growing rapidly. However, content won’t change the world if you do not understand how to sort it, thereby enabling your end-users to navigate in the ever growing world of content. Over the last decade we have developed a truly unique platform, powered by AI, to serve the purpose of increasing time spent watching by reducing time searching for content.

What We Offer

Our offering comprises a unique palette of products, all built on Vionlabs’ fully-automated platform, providing an efficient and truly unique approach to the analysis of content and customer preferences.

Quality Trusted By Well-Known Clients

We are engineers at heart, taking pride in building a solid system that are trusted by millions of end-users every day. Vionlabs has delivered solutions to clients across the globe and industry including clients such as Viaplay, Tele2, Spotify and many more.

We are backed by renowed industry advisors and prominent investors on our journey.
  • Northzone
  • Access Partners
  • Zenith
  • Reeda Capital

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