“Mobile innovation of the Year 2013″

This year we won the prestigious "Mobile innovation of the Year 2013". The following statement explains why:
"Unique solutions for second screen in combination with a unique recommendation engine that sets a new standard for how we get suggestions on good films and television." – Mobile Magazine Jury

As early as 2010 we were awarded "Best Film Service", which demonstrates the stability and confidence of the business of what we develop for users.

Recommendation Engine – What is the difference?

Unlike other solutions atflick recommendation engine enables us to choose and try different Live-TV and VOD services. Add or change content provider with ease. Users will receive highly accurate recommendations where they can interact and suggest film, soundtracks or shows, without leaving atflick. Everything is realised through advanced algorithms and hybrid technology, empowering VOD services to offer consumers a supreme experience through recommendations.

We call it atflick – Search for entertainment.

Simpler than piracy. Consumer is captain, but there’s no catch.

Shifting the focus from piracy and traditional solutions to user experience we offer an eco-system with revenue streams for all content providers and personalised mixed content integration for consumers. We provide interesting user experience on Live TV, VOD and films – all in HD or Standard Definition streaming. One interface for all devices controlled primarily with the smart phone.

For a better user experience!

The release of atflick is all about a platform focused on the user and the individual experience. With tailored media channels based on interests and search, the opportunity to try a variety of online services together with second screen features, is now possible. Search for relevant shows that lets you discover new material.

Big Data – Revealing today´s TV and Film behaviour and online trends.

A collection of user and marketing insights, statistics and trends from the world of social entertainment. Based on data from huge user interaction combined with web and social media trends we are able to define different consumption patterns. We are able to give content related statistics in real time, as well as earnings, traffic and popularity.